FIFA and UEFA pleased with latest developments in FFU situation

Fri Feb 9

UEFA has released a statement to express its satisfaction with the latest developments at the Ukranian Football Association (FFU).

Europe's football governing body recently voiced its concerns with the situation at the FFU and even threatened a suspension for the national FA.

"Following the information provided by the Football Federation of Ukraine last Friday, FIFA and UEFA responded on February 8 to the FFU, mentioning that the latest developments are seen positively and that this is an important step forward to unify and strengthen football in Ukraine.

"Under these circumstances, FIFA and UEFA are convinced that there will be no need to suspend the FFU, but they will continue to monitor the situation over the next few weeks to have confirmation that the situation in Ukrainian football is definitely stabilised.

"FIFA and UEFA had given until February 4 to the FFU to provide assurances that external interference in the running of the federation had ceased and that the current leadership of the FFU would be able to fulfil its current term until the autumn of 2012."

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