Novation from Collina

Novation from Collina
Thu May 24

Having analyzed the commentaries of Ukrainian TV- and radio-commentators, materials in the press, Italian specialist said that he was worried about facts when the representatives of mass-media gave wrong, arbitrary interpretation of some actions of the referee. This all disorientates Ukrainian fans, which trust mass-media’s interpretations. In this case Pierluigi Collina proposed the journalists the most efficient format of communication, which, first of all, will favor the rise of their own professional level.

Nearly 40 journalists from the leading TV-companies, news-papers and Web sites took part in the seminar. During the event, that lasted nearly three hours, Ukrainian referees’ supervisor acquainted all present with existing FIFA and UEFA recommendations as to interpretation of the Laws of the game. He also illustrated everything he said by episodes from Ukrainian championship’s matches. All comers could ask their questions.

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