Wisła Krakow Stadium
Directions and Management
Address:  05002 Krakow , 22 Reymonta Str. 

Stadium Wisła Krakow in Reymont Street was built in the 50s, is at present (from 2004) under reconstruction. Modernization which is in progress has to increase capacity of stadium almost twice- from the existing 20 thousand seats to about 35 thousand. Not only the enlargement of stand is planned including stand addition in the corners but also building a two level main stand, as well as their complete roofing. The conversion should be finished around 2010.

Stadium Wisła in Krakow was proposed as a substitute stadium in the official offer of Poland and Ukraine to organize the European Football Championships. However, in case of granting UEFA permission to increase the number of cities which participate in championships form 8 to 10 (what is likely – that what happened among others in the last championships in Portugal) stadium in Krakow will be certainly one of the championships centres.

Below you can see graphic symbols of Stadium Wisła after finishing conversion.